William Benter Prize in Applied Mathematics

What is it?
William Benter Presents Prize 2010The William Benter Prize in Applied mathematics is a prize that recognizes exceptional mathematical contributions that have had a lasting impact on scientific, business, finance and engineering applications.

It is awarded to an individual for a single contribution or a body of contributions they have achieved in their lifetime of research and achievement in mathematics.

William Benter Prize Winners
The most recent winner of the William Benter Prize in Applied Mathematics was in 2010. The prize went to Mr. George Papanicolaou from the Department of Mathematics at Stanford University.

William Benter Prize WinnerWhat is the William Benter Prize?
The William Benter Prize is awarded every two years. The amount of the prize is US$100,000.

Where is it held?
Each year the lectures are held at the City University of Hong Kong.

How to nominate for the William Benter Prize.
The right to nominate is open to everyone. Nominations should not be made known to the nominee and self-nominations are not acceptable. Nominations, with justifications and CVs of the nominees as well as two supporting letters, should be sent to:

Selection Committee
c/o Liu Bie Ju Centre for Mathematical Sciences
City University of Hong Kong
Tat Chee Avenue
Hong Kong
Or by email to: mclbj@cityu.edu.hk

More information on the William Benter Prize:

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